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At Bagelheads we have a rule: If we would not serve it to you in our home, we will not serve it to you in our restaurant.
Our bagels are made from scratch with no addedd oils, fats, or preservatives.  We use 100% red hard spring wheat flour.  This is a high-protein, enriched flour that is NEVER bleached and NEVER bromated.  Bleach is a common additive that is used to lighten darker flour.  Bromate is used to give low quality flour extra rise.
Boar's Head is our exclusive deli supplier.  We believe that they offer the purest, high-quality products.  With NO artificial colors, flavors, by-products, cereals or fillers, you get just what you order, nothing else.
Our coffee supplier, Bridgetown Coffee, has won numerous taste and quality awards including the Portland Cup.  Their coffee beans are air roasted to our specifications and shipped to us within 48 hours.  In an area renowned for its coffee, Bridgetown is consistently recognized as one of the best!
At the end of each day, much of our left over bagels are donated to local food banks and other various charities.
We hope you enjoy your visit, and hope it isn't your last!
Ben and Jami Giles
Summer News!
  Greetings!!  I trust you are all enjoying the start of summer!!  I would like to begin by thanking you for your continued patronage, as well as your positive recommendations.  In spite of some strong competition in the neighboring area, Bagelheads continues to push its mission of quality service and product--we trust that you feel the same way as the first time you came in!
  I want to share some exciting news with you---we have proudly unveiled a new Salad Program!!  With 6 signature lines, or the traditional create your own, the vivid color and and scrumptous taste is sure to have a multisensory appeal!  They have been flying out, and we continue to get rave reviews--our slogan for the line is: "Healthy CAN Taste Good!"  Come see for yourself!!
  With the heat comes a massive outpour of our cold drinks: frappes, iced drinks, and of course, our real fruit smoothies!!  They hit the spot every time, and truly make the heat a touch more bearable--be sure to try one today!  With over 4 varieties in each of these three categories, you are sure to find one and clame it as your own!
  We are open on Sundays, and boy, has it made a difference--thanks for helping us in transition as we look to reset the thought process of so many who are not aware of this change--8 AM to 2 PM--be sure to tell your friends!!
  We continue to be blessed, but continue to rely on your word-of-mouth helpComments?  Questions?  Don't hesitate to let us know!  Thanks, and remember, FEED YOUR HEAD!!  BG
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